Red Coral Set

​​Price:  $500

This vibrant set includes a
22" necklace,
8" bracelet and earrings.  

Spiny Oyster Turquoise Set

​​Price:  $300

This unique set features sweet polar bears on the earrings and 8" bracelet.  The 17" necklace is made up of three strands of beautiful orange turquiose.

Lapis Lazuli Set
by K. C. Cook

Price:  $850

This ROCKI Sterling Silver 18 " necklace displays a 2.75" cross along with the 1" earrings to make up this set.  

Silver and Red Coral Set

Price:  $300

This double stranded, 19" necklace is beautifully patterned with red coral and sterling silver.  The triple stranded bracelet and earrings make this an undeniable must have set! 

Tiger's Eye and Sterling Set

Price:  $200

This unique set is made up of a 16" necklace, 7" bracelt and 2.5" long earrings.  The set features hundreds of natural black beads and sterling silver details.


Turquoise Set

Price:  $50

This very sweet set includes a 15" turquoise with silver detail necklace, a small 6" bracelet and dainty earrings.  


Green Amethyst Set

Price:  $1200

Featuring a 16" necklace with a 2.5" drop down center, a 7" bracelet and 1.5" earrings, this gorgeous set is fit for a queen.  


Peridot Set

Price:  $1200

Five strands of stunning green peridot and sterling silver make up this 18" necklace while three strands make up the 7" bracelet,  the beautiful earrings drop 2.5" and together, they make a statement for sure.